Privacy Policy

My Apron accounts are password protected to secure the privacy of your recipes. Please note however, once you share a recipe with a friend, they will have a copy of it and may do anything with it at any time. The recipe will no longer be only in your possession, and may be shared to further parties. Once you share a recipe with a friend, My Apron hold no further responsibilty to keep your recipe private to you only.

While My Apron takes utmost care in attributing content shared on both our website and social media, we understand that creators of the original content reserve the right to request removal of their content.

Furthermore, if for any reason you have a concern, please get in contact with us at and we will attempt to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Plagarism Disclosure

My Apron has attempted to record, with the utmost attention and care, sources of all recipes mentioned on our website, blog posts and social media.

If there is a circumstance where we did not acknowledge a source, or if we have used content you do not wish to be shared, please contact us and we will immediately rectify the concern.

Furthermore, My Apron offers password protected security of your recipes. If you choose to share a particular recipe with a friend on My Apron, please note that My Apron will consequently hold no further responsibility of keeping the recipe private, as it will become content of the other person and may be shared to further parties. (CAN JEW REWORD THE LAST SENTENCE GOODLY PLEASE THANK YOU VERY MUCH PLEASE COME AGAIN)