Hi and welcome to My Apron,
We are Jacqueline and Joshua, siblings from Australia and founders of this new and exciting way to manage your recipes.
Throughout our childhood we built so many of our memories in the kitchen, as we always spent time cooking, and eating. Recipes are something dear to us, especially those that have been passed down, learned and loved through the generations of our family.
Our love of cooking has made us collect countless pieces of paper with handwritten recipes from our Grandparents, so we can learn to make and always remember the delicious flavours. Some of these recipes they learnt from their parents, and others are spontaneously invented... which always turn out delicious.
These recipes, as well as our family’s cookbook collection, have accumulated over the years, so much so that we found a need to improve the way we store and access recipes, especially when it came to last minute cooking.
We decided to solve this problem once and for all, resulting in the establishment of My Apron; a place to conveniently manage your personal recipes.
We look forward to sharing our journey with you in creating a place for innovative recipe management.