Zhooshing Up Some Leftover Ravioli

by Jacqueline · November 04, 2018

ravioli, cheese, flowers and fence

Saturday afternoon came and my brother and I raided the fridge looking for something to eat. Our eyes both fell instinctively on the container of leftover ravioli. We straight away knew what we had to do, and got to work turning these leftovers into a delicious cheesy meal.

We cut the ravioli into smaller pieces (to make more of course!), mixed some tomato sauce through it and heated it in the microwave with a slice of tasty cheese on top.

The microwave didn’t have an opportunity to ding as we were too excited to eat. It was a sunny day, so we took our pasta outside to enjoy on the front lawn.

Wow, it was delicious and so cheesy! No wonder people ask you to say cheese when you have your photo taken, it’s something that always brings a genuine smile. Well, at least for my brother and I it certainly does.


Blog Post by Jacqueline – Co-founder of My Apron.