Thursday’s Toasted Tuna Sandwich

by Jacqueline · November 10, 2018

sandwich with toast, lettuce, tuna, cheese and butter

I had been hanging out for a toasted tuna sandwich for a long time, and I was particularly reminiscing about the melted butter and cheese on warm toast. I don’t have these sandwiches often, but when I do I always make them a little bit different, and I’m so happy they turn out yum every time!

On Thursday I had one for lunch; I got some tuna, prepared my ingredients and toasted my bread. Did you see a post I put on Instagram and Facebook that day, of the lettuce head that looked like a dinosaur? That’s when I was pulling off some lettuce for my sandwich and the dinosaur was there smiling at me. I found it very funny. Have a look if you didn’t see it, I had our new Google Home play the Jurassic Park music in the background, it really enhanced the resemblance of the lettuce to a dinosaur.

When I assembled my sandwich it turned out extremely tall. I’m not sure why but each time I make a sandwich, no matter what the ingredients are, they always end up super tall and I either have to squash it down or eat it by taking a bite from the top and bottom separately. I always make a mess and need to reassemble my sandwich a few times while I eat it, but that makes it more enjoyable.

That day my sandwich was comprised of Sirena Tuna, tasty cheese, iceberg lettuce, and buttered toast. Other times I have put in red onion, coleslaw, and lemon too, but this time I kept it more plain.

It was incredibly delicious, especially the flavours of butter and cheese! I’m definitely going to continue having variants of these sandwiches, as I really enjoy the flavours and experimenting with the ingredients.

Let me know if you give it a try!

Blog Post by Jacqueline – Co-founder of My Apron.