Sausage Rolls

by Jacqueline · October 21, 2018

Sausage rolls on plate

My sister got married in September and it’s been so nice going to visit her and her husband in their house.

They always give me something to eat and drink, but the best part is when my sister warms up her left over dinner from the night before for me to eat. She gets so excited to tell me about the new recipes she makes and for me to taste the new flavours, and I am equally as excited to eat the delicious food.

I had a whole bowl of satay chicken one morning when I went past! When I say morning, I mean early morning, wayyyy before lunch time. It was a great breakfast!

My sister often makes these great sausage rolls, but the cookbook is at my house. So this morning my sister asked me to send her a photo of the recipe. I found the book, located the recipe, took a photo of it and sent it to her.

It’s situations like this that have encouraged me to make My Apron. It would have been so straightforward to search for the sausage roll recipe and share it to her so she didn’t have to wait for me to get home and find it amongst the cookbooks. My sister could then save it to her own account for future reference, as well as add notes to it for the different ways she tweeks the sausage roll recipe.

So now I’m at her house eating her delicious sausage rolls 😀


Blog Post by Jacqueline – Co-founder of My Apron.