My Pita Pocket Pizza

by Jacqueline · January 12, 2019

pita pocket, mushroom, cheese, zucchini, tomato

Hi everyone,

I’m very excited with my creation today.

I wanted to note down the recipe so I remember it for next time, and I thought to share it with you all incase any of you would like to try it one day. Once our My Apron web app is ready to use, I can also share it with you all on there too, and you can save it on your own account!

You may have noticed a few days ago how I made some pizzas with my sister. I’ve been thinking about them ever since, as it was so so delicious! Today I made another one, but a slightly different version.

I had a small wholemeal pita pocket, and filled it with deliciousness – some from the garden, and some from the groceries. I cooked it in a sandwich press and ate it as an early lunch because I couldn’t wait any longer. I was initially concerned about the size of the pita pocket in comparison to the amount of vegetables I had wanted to put in, but one mushroom and one slice of zucchini went a long way and this meal was surprisingly filling.

I put an array of ingredients in it, and chopped them up small. Inside the pita pocket I spread around quite a bit of tomato pesto paste, and I then made a border of mushroom slices, to keep all the other ingredients in which surprisingly worked rather well. In the mushroom circle I filled the pita pocket with chopped up tomatoes from my grandparent’s garden, spinach and beetroot leaves from my sister’s garden, a little bit of zucchini, and some tasty and edam cheese. I cooked it in the sandwich press, it only took a few minutes – I was watching for the pita to brown to a nice golden colour. Then I ate it 😀 !!!!! It was incredibly delicious.

I’d love to see yours too! If you make it be sure to share it with us on Facebook, Instagram or an Email.

Have a nice day 😀

Jacqueline – Co-founder of My Apron