In my Grandparent’s garden

by Jacqueline · October 19, 2018

Backyard outdoor sink plants

My Grandparent’s garden holds so many memories.

I went to visit my Grandparents today. It was a warm sunny afternoon and we spent some time in the garden where the beautiful flowers, vegetables and trees are always growing in abundance.

Something that brings memories rushing back is this outdoor work station in the photo above. I would spend countless summer hours playing with my siblings and cousins there when we were young.

We would pick lemons off the tree and take them to this trough that’s stacked on some old milk crates, chop the lemons into small wedges and then squeeze them into a jug to make lemon juice. Our hands would become wet and sticky, our mouths and clothes too, but we would always joyfully drink it up no matter how sour. We sure did have so much fun!

As our family has grown over the years, so has this beautiful garden; where love and laughter has always blossomed.


Blog Post by Jacqueline – Co-founder of My Apron.