Happy 2019 :) !!!

by Jacqueline · January 03, 2019

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Happy 2019 to you all 😁

What a year 2018 was! It was a happy year for my family; with milestone birthdays and wedding anniversaries, new babies joining the family, and my sister’s engagement party and wedding. We experienced a lot of fun in the passing year, and also in the little moments of ordinary days – those are ones I particularly cherish.

I realised something during Christmas and New Year celebrations – that there is so much happiness being shared and cultivated at these times. I found it to be a time where we become even closer to one another, and truly a beautiful start to a new year.

My brother and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. We have been very overwhelmed with the support from you all, and we thank you for your enthusiasm and encouragement in these early days of My Apron. Hearing that so many of you are looking for a  better way to manage recipes has helped us to understand that this is certainly an endeavour that will be appreciated and used by you all, and many around the world. Your constant support continues to firmly establish our efforts, and we thank you all for it!

Although we have kept My Apron in the shadows for now, our page has surprisingly grown in number of followers on social media. This has occurred by both word of mouth and by people looking into it themselves, and we appreciate how you are eager to adopt this new and simple way to manage your recipes; especially those recipes that you want to keep forever, having them at your fingertips whenever you need them.

We wish that 2019 is a year of happiness for you all.

Take care, we’ll be in touch again soon.

Jacqueline, Co-Founder of My Apron.