Freshly Baked Olive Bread and Roasted Capsicum and Eggplant Dip

by Jacqueline · December 18, 2018

capsicum dip and olive bread on white plate

Have you ever tried Cypriot cuisine? I love it!

It’s great having Cypriot friends – especially when they share their traditional food with me. There is always more than enough food to share, and when it starts to come to an end, they would rather let others have the last bite.

The flavours in the food take me to the table where family and friends gather. It is incredible to know that a recipe that has been passed down the generations has gone through a cycle; of being eaten for the very first time, then the cooking process being observed, practiced and learnt, and then taught to the next generation – up to the present day.

I have a friend who has started a small business from humble beginnings. She began by making traditional Cypriot food for her mother and her mother’s friends who could no longer make it easily. This has now expanded into a business for customers of all ages, and it is called Artemis’ Cypriot Cuisine. As a regular customer I have enjoyed much Cypriot food and other home cooked dishes over the past year.

Recently I ordered olive bread and roasted capsicum and eggplant dip, both of which are vegan. The olive bread is a convenient small size, similar to that of scones, and the dip has a nice spicy taste. I have been enjoying making small sandwiches with the olive bread, which together with the dip and other fillings becomes a delicious sandwich full of flavours. Even on its own, the olive bread is a great snack or accompaniment to my dinner most evenings.

It makes me happy to see a desire and endeavour to continue cooking traditional food, and to remember these recipes and keep them alive through the generations. Having a culture and memories attached to food is a lovely thing to see still to this day.


Blog Post by Jacqueline – Co-founder of My Apron.