Beef Farmhouse Stew – Low Carb and Bursting with Brilliant Vegetables and Flavours!

by Jacqueline · November 27, 2018

beef stew with pumpkin onion

What a wonderful few days it has been with you all as we have laughed and shared our thoughts about different cookbooks and food! I have enjoyed our communications on Facebook and Instagram, and I very much look forward to sharing more of these as we continue this journey together.

One of the members of our My Apron Family is Chrissy; a newlywed and mother of a 5 month old daughter. Chrissy enjoys cooking and is ready to use the web app as soon as we release it (it won’t be too much longer!!).

As you may have noticed in our discussions on Facebook, Chrissy recently purchased a book from Kmart called The Low Carb Kitchen. She messaged me yesterday, with photos of a recipe she cooked from the book for dinner last night, and told me how she would like to share that with you all too. She cooked the Farmhouse Stew, comprising of beef, vegetables and lots of flavours.

Chrissy did a bit of ingredient substitution with the recipe; replacing the pumpkin with potato, as her husband isn’t too keen on pumpkin. In turn, Chrissy gave the potatoes to her husband as she is currently on a low carb diet. One of the benefits of married life is having a partner who has opposite taste in food to you, it makes sharing and swapping a breeze, and eating what you like too haha.

“I got snap happy while I was cooking!!” Chrissy told me, and she shared lots of photos of her meal preparation and of her completed dish. Keep an eye out as we will share these with you all too. The photos certainly confer with her excitement, it looks so delicious! 😀


Blog Post by Jacqueline – Co-founder of My Apron.